Collections with Star Quality

This past year, Alice and Olivia--a New York City-based contemporary clothing company-- launched a 15-piece collection inspired by one of the most iconic bands of all time: The Beatles. But the fact of the matter is that designers have been drawing from entertainment icons to galvanize their collections for many years now. By evoking feelings of nostalgia on wearers, anger and frustration in their daily lives are counteracted. As Alice and Olivia’s founder Stacey Bendet has said, “It is truly a moment in time when the world needs to ‘come together.’ The Beatles songs, their lyrics, their messaging is so right right now.”

Designer Grace Loves Lace launched a bridal collection last June called “ICON” inspired by 90s legends that is equally inspiring. The clothing is influenced by the wardrobe of the decade’s renowned models--including Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford--and portrays their classic, traditional style. Students at the Fashion Institute of Technology collectively agree that if they had the opportunity to wear the wedding gowns, their “self-confidence would be boosted instantly. Wearing clothes inspired by ones that modeling icons wore would make us feel beautiful and special.”

In 2013, H&M also decided to draw inspiration from 90s models--such as Joan Smalls, Daphne Groeneveld, Liu Wen, and Lindsey Wixson--for their The New Icons collection. The line features a mixture of each girl’s personal style, yet maintains the overarching theme of the alluring “cool girl” vibe. "The New Icon collection from H&M is very flattering and suits all of your needs," Smalls has said. "It's super cool and for your everyday girl who wants to look great and feel comfortable at the same time."

With a combination of comfort, the cool girl factor Smalls speaks of, and easy access to celebrity inspiration, star-studded collections prove themselves a useful tool to evoke fearlessness in consumers. Sporting an outfit, especially inspired by an icon that one is influenced by, allows the wearer to connect on a deeper level with what he/she is wearing, and ultimately instills more self-confidence. Buyers have an intimate relationship with the clothing they purchase, and the fact that the outfit is inspired by an inspirational icon makes the connection even more personal. Shine on, shoppers...