Babes of the Beaded Barrette

Allow your accessory to take center stage this summer by adopting a beaded barrette, which instantly elevates even the most casual of outfits. Although they are all the rage this season, the style is actually being recalled from an earlier era; first introduced in the mid-nineteenth century, the typically-bar-shaped clips once reflected religion, social class, and age. However, as time progressed, they took on more of an aesthetic function, as they started to become manufactured with beads along the pin. “Beaded barrettes are a throwback to the late 90s, when they were last extremely popular,” says celebrity stylist Samantha Brown. “I love them clipped to side of parted hair, back near the ear. They’re a fun, new accessory with a modern twist. Consider it jewelry for your ‘do!” Check out how fashion bloggers below sported the clip for a dose of serious style inspo.

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