Disney Star Ava Kolker Releases Original Music For the First Time

Disney darling Ava Kolker—who has been featured on both Girl Meets World and Sydney to the Max—is tapping into her musical prowess with the release of her first-ever single, “The Good Ones.” Inspired by those who have lifted her up over the course of her tween years, the anthemic tune is a triumphant ‘thank you’ to the people Kolker holds dearest. Below, the actress shares exactly what went into the production of the song, as well as what type of music to expect from her in the future. (You can read more about the trajectory of Kolker’s career in an exclusive interview here as well.)

Who/what inspired your new single, “The Good Ones?”

I was inspired by the people in my life who have been watching out for me through all the ups and downs. There have been people that came and gone and did not always have the right intentions, and it made me appreciate those who are always there for me even more. Along the way, in the last few years, when someone hurt my feelings, my parents always told me not to worry about them and to “focus on the good ones.” I learned to do that, and it makes me so grateful for the good ones in my life. This song is for them.

What was the production process of the song like?

I started by working with brilliant songwriters Francis Galluccio and Peter Zizzo; I told them my concept, my title, and the message that I wanted to convey. We started writing the song together, and it was going in a direction that wasn’t my vision. When I expressed that to Peter and Francis, they immediately heard me and said that we should start over—that’s how the current song came to be. We worked on the music and lyrics and had a few sessions in Peter’s recording studio. The hours flew by because I was having so much fun. I loved the process of writing and singing about a feeling that was so personal to me. It was a new experience, but it made me fall in love with songwriting.

How would you describe the style of your music?

Pop, and I try to include a positive message that people of all ages can relate to. I love music that is upbeat and fun and makes you want to get up and dance and sing along.

What has the response from fans been like?  

It’s been overwhelmingly positive. The comments have been so complimentary, and it seems that everyone genuinely loves the song. It’s been a dream come true. I feel so blessed.

Do you hope to release more music in the future? What kind of songs can people expect from you?

Yes, definitely. I actually already recorded my second song and will be working on that music video soon, so that will probably be released in the fall. That song is even more personal to me and has a different feel to it, but I hope everyone will love it as well. I think people can expect very real, positive, relatable songs from me. I hope my songs will bring my audience as much joy as they bring me when I create and perform them.

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