Casey Baer Discusses Her Debut Single "Greatest Mistake"

Los Angeles-based pop singer Casey Baer has stepped into the spotlight with the release of her debut single “Greatest Mistake.” Inspired by the whirlwind experiences of her teen years, 18-year-old Baer produces honest lyrics coupled with powerful vocals and an addictive beat. She has quickly gained notoriety over social media, with her popular music cover videos totaling 350,000+ views to date. Her sound has caught the industry’s eye as well, leading her to collaborate with notable artists such as James Fauntleroy, Dave Stroud, Nick Lopez, Sanjoy Deb, Russell Ali, and Dru Decaro. Below, Baer gives readers a glimpse into the making of “Greatest Mistake” and what to expect from her in the future.

What/who inspired you to write “Greatest Mistake?”

“Greatest Mistake” was inspired by being a teenage girl falling for the wrong guy, having my heart broken, and writing great music about it.

What was the process of producing the song like?

Producing “Greatest Mistake” was life changing! Being able to put my feelings into lyrics with music to match--while simultaneously telling a story--was such an amazing feeling. It made it even better when people started telling me how much they related to it. I was also fortunate to work with incredible producers that totally saw my vision. We had such a great vibe together, which made it really easy for me to open up.

How would you describe the style of the song?

“Greatest Mistake” is a power ballad with a strong pop vibe.

What has the response from fans been like?

The response from fans has been incredible. I love when people tell me how much they can relate to the story while still jamming out. It means the world to me because that is exactly what I was hoping for while writing it.

What kind of music can people expect from you in the future?

I have a lot more music on its way so get ready. You can expect more tunes with edgy pop vibes and honest storytelling.

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