Fall Fashion Trend Series: Leather Overload

This autumn’s lineup of fashion trends is a particularly eclectic mix. Featuring moody florals, 90s-esque neons, and more, there are options for every personality and preference. Whether you choose to incorporate them as a simple accessory or rock them from head to toe, the latest trends serve as the ultimate guide for you to draw inspiration from as the leaves begin to fall. Introducing the Carrie’s Chronicles Fall Fashion Trend Series: over the next two weeks, a series of articles will be released, featuring the top five styles in vogue and how to adopt them into your own wardrobe. This edition’s trend in the spotlight: leather overload.

Prepare to harness the power within--designers are using this material to establish bold, ultra-edgy ensembles guaranteed to make a statement. Leather--one of mankind’s earliest discoveries--was used extensively for Egyptian sandals, clothes, gloves, buckets, bottles, military apparatus, and shrouds for burying the dead as early as 5000 BC. During the Middle Ages, however, leather served more of a domestic purpose, as it was used to cover dining chairs. In the 18th and 19th Centuries, leather transitioned into the fashion industry: chromium salt and chromium tanning were established so that leather could be adopted into modern footwear and clothing, and patent leather began to be manufactured as of 1819. This season, designers are paying homage to the popular material by piling it on more than ever before: Christopher Kane created the ultimate, updated puffer coat; Pam Hogg gave off soldier chic vibes with a matching cap and midi dress; A.W.A.K.E. presented a floor-length trench a la Kym Barrett’s Matrix costumes. “What better way to take on The Matrix than with a chic leather look?” style expert and celebrity stylist Alison Deyette confirms. “This edgy vibe can instantly make you feel and look like a boss,” adds Elizabeth Jones, a style expert, wardrobe consultant, and founder of Elizabeth Jones Styling. “We’ve been seeing many different pieces pop up in leather such as culottes, trench coats, coordinating sets, and—of course—the classic moto jacket!” To further increase the edginess of your ensemble, dare to sport leather on leather. “I would pair a leather mini from Topshop or Veda with a biker jacket from Sandro for a weekend look,” Deyette recommends. “Or, head to a creative office gig in a button-front, longer faux leather skirt from Proenza Schouler with a cool tee from Dazey LA and a leather blazer. You could even splurge on a leather trench [to make an outdoor style statement]--you’ll wear it on repeat so often, the cost-per-wear ratio will take that splurge down to a bearable tidy sum.”