Fall Fashion Trend Series: Nuts About Neon

This autumn’s lineup of fashion trends is a particularly eclectic mix. Featuring moody florals, 90s-esque neons, and more, there are options for every personality and preference. Whether you choose to incorporate them as a simple accessory or rock them from head to toe, the latest trends serve as the ultimate guide for you to draw inspiration from as the leaves begin to fall. Introducing the Carrie’s Chronicles Fall Fashion Trend Series: over the next two weeks, a series of articles will be released, featuring the top five styles in vogue and how to adopt them into your own wardrobe. This edition’s trend in the spotlight: nuts about neon.

The 80s are making a major comeback, and the fashion industry has neons to thank for that. While the 1970s was defined by an increase in criminal activity and the oil crisis, the 1980s reinstated American pride, which paralleled the introduction of fluorescent-colored clothing. A representation of youth and vibrancy, neon couldn’t help but spread optimism to its wearers, hence why designers are currently incorporating it into their fall collections. “I mean, I bleed neon. I’ve been wearing it since ‘97, so I find it less of a trend and more of a religion,” asserts Evan Biddell, the winner of Project Runway Canada Season 1. Indeed, a religion that today’s top designers are preaching loud and clear: Saint Laurent created a glow-in-the-dark, orange/green ensemble; Balenciaga boasted a high-neck, highlighter-pink dress. You don’t, however, need to sport the trend head to toe, just as Nina Ricci decided to pair pops of neon yellow (a matching bodysuit and exaggerated bucket hat) with a pair of black pants. “There is a Samoan saying that goes ‘e la'ititi ae ma'ini,’ meaning ‘small but stingy,’ that applies to neons,” says Afa Ah Loo, a former contestant on Project Runway Season 17. “Even if you just wear a simple pair of neon earrings or a skinny belt, neon is definitely a trend that you don’t need much of. People will always notice it.”