Fall Fashion Trend Series: Utilizing Utility

This autumn’s lineup of fashion trends is a particularly eclectic mix. Featuring moody florals, 90s-esque neons, and more, there are options for every personality and preference. Whether you choose to incorporate them as a simple accessory or rock them from head to toe, the latest trends serve as the ultimate guide for you to draw inspiration from as the leaves begin to fall. Introducing the Carrie’s Chronicles Fall Fashion Trend Series: over the next two weeks, a series of articles will be released, featuring the top five styles in vogue and how to adopt them into your own wardrobe based on style experts’ advice. This edition’s trend in the spotlight: utilizing utility.

Considering the abundance of large pockets, combat trousers, and camo prints on runways, it’s safe to say that the military-inspired trend is everywhere this fall. Due to a lack of clothing materials and labor, the Utility Clothing Scheme was first introduced by the British government in the United Kingdom during World War II, where workers were dressed in inexpensive uniforms that were practical rather than aesthetically-appealing. Utility dress--marked with a CC41 tag--could only have two pockets, five buttons, six skirt seams, two inverted pleats or four knife pleats, and one-hundred sixty inches of stitching, as well as no decoration. Although factory and labor conditions have improved tremendously since the war concluded, coming off of a summer founded upon casual dressing, it’s no surprise that the minimalist clothing trend has been revived in 2019. Hermès recently highlighted an oversized khaki coat with strap details; Rick Owens produced a structured jacket that emphasized the trend’s signature sizable pockets; Isabel Marant featured a seemingly-effortless reconstructed trench. “The trend is casual but the person wearing it comes off as edgy rather than sloppy,” adds Homa Zaryouni, founder of 10 Wooster, a designer clothing subscription service. “Lots of utility jumpsuits are on the market, from white to khaki to denim, and they’re even cooler versions of the jumpsuit. I can’t wait to fill our deliveries with a few picks this fall.” To give off the utilitarian vibe sans seeming like you’re in full-on factory wear, Zaryouni recommends complementing the trend with subdued yet chic accessories: “Utility is best worn with clogs, white sneakers, or flat sandals. No need to dress it up too much--add some gold or silver jewelry, and you’re set.”