Fall Fashion Trend Series: Salute to Suits

This autumn’s lineup of fashion trends is a particularly eclectic mix. Featuring moody florals, 90s-esque neons, and more, there are options for every personality and preference. Whether you choose to incorporate them as a simple accessory or rock them from head to toe, the latest trends serve as the ultimate guide for you to draw inspiration from as the leaves begin to fall. Introducing the Carrie’s Chronicles Fall Fashion Trend Series: over the next two weeks, a series of articles will be released, featuring the top five styles in vogue and how to adopt them into your own wardrobe. This edition’s trend in the spotlight: salute to suits.

Power suits bombarded the fall 2019 catwalk--and they weren’t just reserved for men. These ensembles once were symbols of royalty for males in the 17th Century (suits, wigs, and knee-breeches were signatures of royal court dress), while they simply served as riding habits (a matching tailored coat or jacket with a skirt) for females in the 1660s. Fast forward four centuries, these suits have now transformed into a runway staple celebrating gender fluidity. The sudden influx of androgynous dressing is a direct response to the growing feminist movement, as ladies are aiming to assert both their individualized voices and fashion choices more than ever before. Women today want looks that make them feel powerful, with good reason, and the almighty suit has proven to be maybe the most widely-loved way to do just that,” Gloria Cospito, an NYC-based fashion stylist, asserts. “Suits this season run the gamut from tailored to oversized, designed in a variety of fabrics, colors, and silhouettes. There's a suit for everyone this fall, even the once passé skirt suit.” Givenchy’s ready-to-wear collection for females featured a matching, bright green jacket and trousers; Tom Ford incorporated a magenta jacket and pant in differing fabrics; Chanel presented a snow-white suit ensemble complete with jeweled adornments on the waist, sleeves, neck, and ears. To adopt the trend into your own wardrobe, Cospito recommends accessorizing with equally statement-making adornments such as a chain link or large pendant necklace a la Chanel. But if you’re inclined to go understated, “lucite hoops and a plain white tee pair just as well,” Cospito explains.