Gabrielle Nevaeh Green Slays the Small Screen

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green has got what it takes to make it as an actress; with credits already under her belt, it’s safe to say she’s on a steady rise. The Florida native is trained in numerous musical instruments including guitar, ukulele, and drums, and she sings as well. Her first acting endeavor, however, was on ABC’s Speechless, an American sitcom. In 2019, the teen continued to perfect her craft through her portrayal of Mandy in the short film Lying Together. Green received her big break when she was cast as a series regular on Nickelodeon’s All That reboot, a sketch comedy show where she plays multiple characters, including Beyoncé. Her portrayal of the pop star has received national attention, earning praise from celebrities such as Chance the Rapper and Kelly Rowland. Ahead, Green recounts her road to the small screen and allows readers a deeper look at her breakthrough role. 

How did you get your start in the entertainment industry? 

I got my start in the entertainment industry when I was around nine or ten by performing monologues and improv at my local playhouse. I was a big theater nerd, but it wasn’t until I started auditioning for TV and film that I really ever considered comedy as a career. I liked trying out for the dramatic roles, and I still do, but the more comedic roles that I tried out for, the more and more I fell in love with the world of multi-cam comedy. 

What actors/actresses inspire you and why?

There are so many actors and actresses that inspire me, it’s really hard to narrow it down. Definitely ‪Zendaya‬, though. I remember seeing her for the first time on Shake it Up and saying, “Wow, I want to be like her one day.” It was just amazing seeing someone that looked like me doing amazing things. She was definitely the first person who showed me that anything was possible. Not to mention, she has broken so many barriers and crossed color lines with her roles in ‪The Greatest Showman‬ and ‪Spider-Man Homecoming‬. I also love Yara Shahidi because of her activism. The fact that someone so young can have such a profound impact on her country and peers is an amazing achievement. Lastly but certainly not least is Lucille Ball. She‘s such a comedic legend and was the first female to own her own movie studio, Desilu Productions. I also love physical comedy, which she‘s the master at. 

What was the audition process like for All That?

The audition process for All That was very different from any other audition that I‘d ever done before. We had to come up with some original characters and perform a script. They kept calling me back every week for almost two months, and every time, I gave it my all. I didn’t care who was in the audition room or who was watching—I just left it all out there. It was probably one of the toughest audition processes that I‘d ever been through, but it was definitely the most rewarding. 

Where were you and how did you react when you found out you were cast?

I was home in bed with the worst cold that you can possibly have. I remember laying in bed trying to rest, and my mom called me. I thought that was really strange because she knew I was trying to sleep, but I picked up anyway. She conferenced me in with my agent and manager, and my agent said, “Hey, we know you’re sick, but you know what the best cure for a cold is?” I said, “You have some Tamiflu?” Then he told me, “No, you booked All That!” It was like magic: my headache, the stuffiness...everything just went away. I started running around the house screaming “No way! No way!”

How are you and the characters you portray on All That similar? How are you different?

I play so many different characters on the show from ‪Beyoncé‬ to a caveman and everything in between, but there is always a little bit of me in each character that I portray. 

What’s your favorite part about being on set?

My favorite part of being on set is our live audience shows that we have on Fridays. I absolutely love getting to interact with the audience and fans of the show! 

Any memorable behind-the-scenes moments you can share?

I remember I was filming a sketch with one of my co-stars, and we had to head-butt each other and fall to our knees. When “action” was called, my co-star and I executed the head-butt perfectly, but when we went to fall on the ground, we both heard this enormous ripping sound. I looked over at him, and the whole front of his pants had completely torn apart. It was just so funny at the time because neither one of us knew what to do, and we just started laughing. Wardrobe got him new pants, and the sketch continued, but that has to be one of my favorite moments on set. 

How does your role on All That differ from your role on Speechless?

Speechless was a show that had a specific storyline, and I had a specific character, whereas All That is a sketch comedy show where I play multiple characters each week and get to showcase my improv and stand-up skills.

What are your future plans?

I hope to impact my community positively and be a role model for all children but especially multicultural children. Of course, I also want to continue acting and expand my career in the entertainment industry by doing movies and producing music. 

This or That:

Disney or Nickelodeon? Nickelodeon, obviously! 

Pasta or pizza? Oooh! That’s a really hard one! I have to go with pizza since it’s an anytime food. 

Hawaii or The Bahamas? I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii!

Bags or shoes? I love both but probably shoes! 

iPhone or iPad? iPhone because it’s smaller and easier to carry around.

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