Haley Ferguson Dissects Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Drama

The recent, drama-filled Season 6 of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise featured tears, tantrums, and—of course—loads of true romance. At the center of it all was Haley Ferguson, a blonde bombshell who is no stranger to the franchise. She first appeared on Ben Higgins’ season alongside her twin sister Emily, and they later returned on seasons three and four of Bachelor in Paradise. Although Emily is currently in a relationship, Haley has not yet found her love, hence why she returned to Paradise to give the show another go. Haley left the beach in Mexico without a man by her side—and she’s ready to tell all. 

Why did you decide to be a part of the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise?

I decided to go back because my sister has been in a relationship for a year and a half, and I felt like going back on my own would be something different, both for the show and myself. I was in a place where it just felt right.

Was there a lot of pressure on you to find love considering your sister is currently in a relationship?

I wouldn't say pressure, but I definitely felt more ready and open to finding a relationship on the show than I have on other seasons. 

How did you choose your outfits to wear on the show? 

I was so upset because I had a specific outfit in mind of what I wanted to walk down the stairs wearing on my first day. But with the cameras, sometimes you can’t wear the things that you have planned. The outfit I originally wanted to walk down in didn't get selected, so I had to wear a dress from LPA. It was my last-resort dress that I ended up wearing as I was walking down, but it ended up being really cute.

Who were some of your closest friends in Paradise this season and why?

Katie [Morton] was probably my closest friend right from the day I arrived. When I first got there, I was shaking. I was so nervous because my biggest fear going into it was the fact that I've never done the show alone. I’ve always had my sister to help guide me into feeling more comfortable, and I relied on her a lot. I was really nervous about making friends, but Katie took me under her wing. She was the sweetest, kindest girl, and we became really close on the show. But I would say other than Katie, I was good friends with Caelynn [Miller-Keyes] and Demi [Burnett].

Did you get along with the guys there? Who were some of your closest male friends?

I got along so well with the guys. Derek [Peth] was probably one of my closest guy friends. I got along really well with Mike [Johnson] and John Paul Jones, too.

Did you have your sights set on pursuing John Paul Jones romantically from the beginning?

I knew going into it that I wanted to date John Paul Jones. When I got to Paradise and saw who was down there and already coupled up, and after talking to some of the guys, I knew for sure that he was the one I was going to go after.

What is one thing viewers may not know about Paradise?

There's a lot of downtime. There were a lot of moments when we weren’t filming, so the amount of time I spent with those people was insane. During our free time, we’d swim in the pool a lot because it was so hot, and we had no air conditioning. We were constantly sweating, so being in the pool was the number-one [activity] for me.

Considering you left the beach without a man, do you still believe in love? Would you ever return to Paradise? 

I definitely still believe in love, and I know for sure that the person I’m meant to be with is out there, but I don’t think I would do Paradise again. Maybe The Bachelor or The Bachelorette but not Bachelor in Paradise.

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