Why are Cheryl Blossom's Lips Always Red?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the new hit show on the CW Network: Riverdale. The series, based on the Archie Comics, centers around a group of teenagers who work to solve the murder of Jason Blossom. There’s Archie Andrews, the stunningly handsome jock (played by newcomer KJ Apa), Jughead Jones, played by the stunning Cole Sprouse (remember him from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?!),

Betty Cooper, the smart-minded teen played by Lili Reinhart, and Blair Waldorf-inspired Veronica Lodge, portrayed by Camila Mendes. But the most fascinating character of them all is Cheryl Blossom, the murder victim’s sister, brilliantly played by Madelaine Petsch. Her character is so interesting because she’s just...you know...a badass. With her preppy outfits and strawberry colored hair, she always seems like she’s ready to take over the world. But her signature? Red lipstick. Since Cheryl is my favorite Riverdale character, and most likely many of yours, I decided to take a closer look at why they are that specific, vibrant hue.

Me and Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom)

One possible theory is that the red color may foreshadow the danger she brings to Riverdale later on in the series. There are still a lot of question marks around how harmless Cheryl really is, and this may just be the writer’s way of subtly hinting at future destruction with the blood on her hands as red as the hue on her lips.

Cheryl Blossom’s red lipcolor also represents her bold personality and confidence. She has the ability to withstand tragedy with grace, walking the school halls with her head held high, despite the fact that her brother and father were both murdered. She showcases boundless strength that not even the heroic Archie Andrews can measure up to, no matter how many lives he tries to save (seriously though, when is he going to realize that what he is doing is dangerous?!).

Whatever the reason is for Cheryl Blossom to wear red lipstick, we're certainly not complaining...she is rocking it. However, keep in mind that it’s not a coincidence that she's wearing that specific hue on the show. “Girls with fire,” like Cheryl says, may not be as innocent as they seem.

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