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In a world where influencers dominate our social media feeds, it’s hard to imagine that there was ever a time when they didn’t exist. Although the Instagram community was small at that point in time, and the app hadn’t yet formed into a source of branding, Caitlin Bea saw its potential and decided to dive into becoming what we now call a “social media influencer.” At age 16, she developed a beauty channel on YouTube where she posted advice, forums, and tips, simply because she loved makeup and saw producing videos as a creative outlet. One year later, Seventeen Magazine approached her with a life-changing opportunity to be a “Beauty Smartie” who does step-by-step tutorials in each issue. From that moment on, Bea decided that she would dedicate her life toward creating fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. She attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Art to further advance her content-creating skills. In recent years, the 24-year-old has been able to travel the world, work with today’s top designers, and has even launched a blog of her own to share her range of experiences. At 125k Instagram followers, Bea’s career is at its peak...but who’s really behind the camera? Learn more about what makes the social media influencer so unique in our interview below.

How do you continue to brainstorm innovative ideas for YouTube channel?

I look at my own life and draw inspiration from whatever stage I’m currently in. For instance, I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the last six months, so I’ve been focusing on travel content. As I’m settling down and getting a new apartment, I’ll be doing lots of home décor, organization, and budget-friendly videos. I always keep my audience in mind and ask them frequently what’s going on in their own lives, as well as what areas of life they could use help in. I try to look at every comment and message I receive, so I’m really in tune with what my viewers like from me.
What message are you trying to get across to your channel’s viewers?
While my content has shifted creatively over the years, my goal is always to inspire girls to be the most authentic versions of themselves in all areas of life. I love sharing health, wellness, and overall boss babe tips. I aim to be a goofy big sister figure to my subscribers!

You recently took your career a step further by creating a blog of your own. Why did you decide to launch your website?

I have been creating content on my YouTube channel for eight years--crazy, right? It got to the point where I missed that feeling of being new to something. Filming and editing videos are second nature to me at this point, and I felt like I hit a wall creatively. I decided to launch my blog at the beginning of 2018 as an extension to my YouTube that gives my followers a new destination to connect with me. I’m still learning so much about the blogging world, as it’s so different from YouTube. But I love running my own blog because I’m starting all over again in a sense. It’s re-inspired me!

What advice can you give to someone who wants to maintain an "aesthetically pleasing" Instagram feed? 

Take it from me, it is so much easier when you're posting what you want to post about, not what you think you should be posting. There was a period where super bright, colorful feeds were all the rage, but I knew that just wasn’t me. Instead, I opted for a neutral black and white feed, because that’s what reflected my style and aesthetic at the time. Plus, it made me stand out! Look to your surroundings for inspiration and for color tones where you live. Create a palette and stick to those main colors for your Instagram feed for a cohesive look. Take a lot of photos and plan them in advance so you have options and can see what photos look good next to each other. Don’t let it control your life--just have fun with it!

How did you grow your Instagram following to where it is now?

A lot of my Instagram followers come from my audience on YouTube and have been following me for years. I never paid much attention to my Instagram following when I was in college and just posted random photos of my daily life. It wasn’t until I graduated that I started seeing the potential of working with brands on Instagram like I had been on my YouTube channel. I slowly transitioned my content into a more curated style, but still genuine and relatable. Collaborating with other creators with a similar audience is a great way to gain exposure and potential new followers. It’s been a slow growth, but I’m so grateful for my followers because they are real, and chose to follow me for a reason. I’m disappointed that so many influencers buy their followers or likes these days. That’s just not worth it to me. Posting consistent, high-quality content that’s also relatable is what has helped me grow.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to and why?

Oh man, that’s a hard one! I went on a three-week trip to Europe, and Germany was the highlight of the trip. I also went to Munich and the energy was amazing there. The Bavarian Alps were also insane! Definitely a must-visit. Amsterdam was awesome, too; it was super vegan-friendly, there was adorable architecture, and all the canals through the city were magical.

What’s the most exciting part about traveling the world?

Getting to experience so many incredible places with my boyfriend, Alex! He takes all of my photos, so he’s usually traveling with me. Having someone to share these stories and special moments with is so rewarding. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t know if I could label my style, as it’s constantly evolving. But often, you can catch me wearing all black, neutral outfits. I’m pretty minimal when it comes to accessorizing. I gravitate toward laidback outfits that are versatile.

What’s one item in your closet that you can’t live without?

I have a few key pieces I find myself grabbing over and over! I’m obsessed with my hexagon Ray-Ban sunglasses. For shoes, my platform Converse have been traveling with me everywhere. And of course, a good pair of comfy jeans. I basically live in Parker Smith denim.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Alex and I will probably be married at that point, still living on the west coast, but probably not in L.A. anymore. I don’t see myself stopping blogging or making videos anytime soon, but I’m always expanding and taking on new outlets. I’d love to have my own brand or product at that point, so we’ll see!

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