Giselle Torres Reaches the World With Her Tunes

Giselle Torres may only be 17-years-old, but her social media numbers and roster of accomplishments suggest otherwise. The Mexican American teen has released music videos on her YouTube channel that have garnered over 990 million views, and her audience spans across more than 80 countries. Torres first started her channel at age nine with three girls called “Give Me 5,” where they sang original songs and eventually ended up competing on The X Factor. The group made it all the way to the top six, although Torres decided to go solo with her singing career shortly after. At age 13, she began spreading her talent for writing and composing songs with the world: Torres has sung for Pope Francis in Mexico, wrote the theme song for a TV series, and penned a tune for the new Amazon movie Princess Cut 3 since then. With over 28 original songs under her belt, the most recent being a collaboration with digital network Brat titled “Girls Like Me,” Torres’ career is headed nowhere but up from here. Tune in to hear her talk about her journey in the entertainment industry below.

When did you first develop your passion for singing?

I developed my passion for singing at a very young age. My mom has a musical theatre company in Miami, so I like to say I was born on stage! I've done musical theater my whole life. I loved being able to perform in front of other people and entertaining them, and I always knew that this was something I wanted to pursue.

Who are some singers that inspire you and why?

Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and Taylor Swift because I think they’re all amazing songwriters, and I look up to them whenever I need inspiration for when I’m writing songs. They also started really young in this business, so it's inspiring to follow their path and growth, especially since I'm still really young.

When and why did you decide to start your YouTube channel?

I actually didn't start my YouTube channel! My mom did. She had the idea of uploading a video with two of my friends back when YouTube wasn't as big as it is now. We all bought matching neon-colored costumes, my mom grabbed her home video camera, and we shot a music video. We just did it for fun because all three of us loved to sing, and we were in the whole musical theater scene so we thought it would be fun to do. Fast forward a couple of years later, that video blew up and now has over 300 million views. I still have people come up to me and ask if I'm the girl in the neon green costume! 

How did you go about building your following on the platform? What advice do you have for those who want to do the same? 

When I started on YouTube, I just did it for the memories and so I could look back on the videos when I was older, never for the views or fame. It was my passion and I wanted to share a part of me in the world. The views and subscribers came later, which is something very important that everyone who wants to start doing videos on YouTube should know. Do videos because you love to and because you have a passion for what you do, not to keep up with trends or to get views or followers. Share videos that stay true to yourself and commit to your art and passion, because that’s what people really want to see. 

What is your favorite song you've released to date and why?

I would have to say "Worth It" because it’s probably one of the most special songs I've ever written. This song tackles very important issues that I wish were heard more and hold a [significant] place in my heart. It's a reminder that all of us have so much value and that we should never let things such as anxiety, depression, or insecurities, bring us down. I wanted to make the message clear that everyone has a purpose and a right to be in this world, and there’s so much yet to come into the lives of each person.

What was it like collaborating with Brat on the song "Girls Like Me?"

It was such a dream being able to collaborate with Brat on "Girls Like Me!” It was truly an amazing process going into the studio and working on something from scratch with other songwriters and producers. I got to co-write with Kat Dahlia on this single, which was definitely an awesome moment for me. I remember obsessing over her songs in middle school, and little did I know I'd be working with her in a few years! Also, I especially liked the message we wanted to project in the song because I feel like it's something many girls can relate to in the world we're living now. It teaches people that they should just be themselves without having to put on a mask or pretend to be liked. Nowadays, everyone is worried about what people will think of them on social media and try to appear as something they're not instead of just living. I've been in situations where if you don't do certain things or hang out with certain people, you're not considered "cool.” I wanted to get the message out there and make it clear that us girls don't need to be anyone but ourselves because that's enough. 

Has being a bilingual singer served as an advantage in the entertainment industry?

Being a bilingual singer has definitely been an advantage for me because my music has been able to reach a much wider audience and demographic. I am Mexican American, and I stay true to my roots and culture, which is why I enjoy being able to communicate with my followers in English and Spanish.

How do you plan on using your platform to make a difference in the world?

Having this platform and the following that I have, I feel like I carry a major responsibility when it comes to influencing my audience. Something I've always said is that I will be vocal about issues I believe deserve to be heard and convey these messages through my music. I don't want to make music because I have to--I want to make music so it can have an impact on the world and [ignite] a positive change. If you're lucky enough to be handed a platform with a large audience of supporters, why not use it for good?

What is your endgame? What do you ultimately hope to accomplish in the future?

Something people may not know about me is that apart from doing music, I'm actually an actress as well. My endgame would be to star in several big movies, maybe even direct a few. I would also like to tour around the world and be able to perform and share my music with my supporters. Most importantly, I want to make people feel something when they hear my music. I want them to connect and relate to my songs and experience something. 

This or That:

Lipstick or lip gloss? Lip gloss.

Sandals or sneakers? Sneakers.

Sparkles or studs? Sparkles.

Pop or rap? Pop all the way!

Spaghetti or sushi? Spaghetti. I don't eat fish.

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